We proudly opened our doors in 1965, with our West 8th Street store, located in Erie, PA. The mission was simple–sell local milk to local people. Country Fair wanted to make milk purchasing easier for the community that, at the time, was dealing with a lagging home delivery system and a large-scale grocery store take over. Needless to say, the convenience store concept took off, and the rest is history. A lot has changed between now and then, but our mission remains the same–offer fresh food, from local brands, at a convenient location. Today Country Fair, Inc. has grown to include over 70 stores, and our roots run deep in the communities we serve in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. These days, we offer a lot more than milk too. In one stop, you can fill up your gas tank, grab breakfast, prolong your grocery store visit by picking up the essentials, pick up dinner for the fam, pick out killer snacks for an impromptu movie night, and grab a bottle of wine or a 6-pack to go. We thank you for allowing us to be your local convenience store, and we look forward to serving you, your family, and our community for years to come.



Country Fair currently employs over 1,300 store associates and was ranked the 16th largest employer in Erie, PA, in 2019. It was also named one of America’s Best Mid-Size Employers in 2019 by Forbes. Country Fair strives to provide the very best customer service to satisfy every customer, every time. If you cannot find what you need in one of our stores, please see a friendly associate and ask for help or call our corporate office at (814) 898-1111.



Country Fair is proud to support a wide variety of local charities. The Country Fair Cares Program (CFC) was created in 2019 to assist 501 c-3 non-profit organizations with a pooled funding formula. That year, CFC raised $134,203. In 2020 Country Fair’s team selected five new non-profit organizations to become CFC partners. Those partners include The Mercy Center for Women, Erie Philharmonic, NAMI, St. Martin Center, and Erie Animal Network. Two cents of every gallon pumped went into a pooled fund, tracked through the Country Fair “Charity Pumps” between May 1, 2020–October 31, 2020. During those six months, we raised $142,277, allowing each non-profit organization to receive a check for $28,455. CFC is currently closed for the 2021 year (the deadline for application was December 31, 2020). However, non-profits who wish to apply to be a CFC partner in 2022 may submit an application, which can be downloaded below. The deadline to apply is December 31, 2021.





We believe wholeheartedly in offering the very best local brands to our customers. Not only does it allow us to provide the freshest products, but by supporting independent, locally owned businesses over large national brands, Country Fair guarantees that a significant portion of our sales money is funneled back through the local economy. This simple choice strengthens our entire community’s base, and that, my friends, is what they call a no-brainer.



If you are a local company interested in selling your products in our stores, please contact our Corporate Office at (814) 898-1111.

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